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balancing and feeding life's greatest gifts



We are blessed with 24 hours 365 days a year. How we spend those hours is completely up to the individual. Some may pride themselves on living by the books, learning from history and taking part in a simple life. Others may live on the edge, delving into the unknown and taking risks that may or may not end in satisfaction. Then there are some that strive to find that balance between the two—searching life for all it has to offer but still tinkering on the line of keeping calm. That is where I fall.

Time is the only thing that we cannot get back. We can gain and lose weight, friends and money, but we cannot gain time. Therefore the choices of sleep or play, learn or rest, indulge or stay reserved create a constant inner battle. When the world has so much to offer, it seems silly to cling to one area of interest, be controlled by the norm, or limited by expectations.

This blog is created as an expression of me, in the balance I try to attain by nurturing the mind, body and soul. The mind: a miraculous specimen. We are presented with about 400 million bits of information a day. And while it may seem like a small percentage, the brain is able to retain an average of 20,000 of those bits…astounding. The body: a work of art. We are only given one in this lifetime, and although we may stumble upon different ailments and pains, we are given this short lifetime to nurture and care for our bodies through the proper nourishment and fit lifestyle. The soul: unexplainable. A being in itself, it is able to love, connect and feel with an indescribable connection to those both around and with us, and those who are not.

Now, with all the blessings life has to offer—both the known and unknown—there is so much to love and explore. And so if I were to be asked what my passion is…my answer would be life.


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  1. Luba Turczak says:

    That’s it in a nutshell, well said!

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