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Strategic Luck

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

It’s amazing how those who are prepared are lucky enough to stumble upon the opportunities, or is it not luck at all?

With over 1.5 million different categories of jobs, over 7 billion people on earth, countless hobbies, the choices and interactions we make each second are endless.

The reactions we pass on to those around us become an interconnection of chain reactions, even the subconscious. The smallest adjustment to an action, reaction, judgment or decision can begin to change our outlook and output towards the world. There is a greater self in each of us just knocking to come out. It is our choice whether we open the door to the unknown changes, experiences, hurdles and opportunities that it may entail.

It is all about your perception on the situation
It is all about your attitude towards those around you
It is all about your approach towards the hurdle
It is all about your faith in yourself to overcome
It is all about taking that first step
It is all about moving forward when those around you say you can’t

For every step back, there are many steps forward
For every pain, there are gains
For every inability, there are endless abilities
For every rainstorm, there are rays of sunshine
For every mistake, there is a lesson learned
For every fail, there are many little wins

Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.

Dream the impossible
Reach for the stars
Don’t bound yourself to the norm
Don’t be afraid to fail

But be prepared
To put the time in
To make sacrifices
To dig deep down
To defend your choices
To fight
To be a better version of you
To help change the world

You will truly amaze yourself at what you are capable of doing and accomplishing if you only give yourself the benefit of the doubt, an extra push, and the support of your dreams that you deserve.





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