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If your life was a song…

on October 16, 2013

music can change the world What would it be?

I don’t need to tell you that we live in a constantly evolving world. Every minute we are discovering new cures, producing new inventions, and enhancing what others have created before us. This holds true across all industries. One that I want to take a minute to focus on is the music industry. As new genres pop up almost daily and sub genres, or micro-genres, are created within genres, it is difficult to stay up-to-date with current artists, classifications and tracks.

Driving home a couple of weeks ago I had this thought pop into my head about life in comparison to music. As our lives continue to be increasingly complicated with new technologies and opportunities, so does music. But more importantly, we all have our own song and genre of music. No, this does not just mean what we like to bop around to, but the way that our life is structured and what empowers us.

Take these next few moments and open your mind to think about what truly inspires and satisfies the beat of your heart and the music of your soul in relation to the categories below and the breakdown of music.

The production of music is compiled of multiple or few instruments, different sounding techniques, as well as a slew of changing technologies to enhance or alter the sound.
Is your life complete with the simplicity of life’s necessities and would be satisfied by the beauty of nothingness and silence? Or do things and the production of life excite you? Do you like to pampered and changed with different electronics and things that are constantly being updated in society?

The accompaniment involved with music includes the additional sounds including instruments and other vocalists.
Are you the sole driver in your life? Do you motivate and empower yourself? Or perhaps you sing in the background as backup to someone else in your life. Maybe you are part of a larger chorus and the company of others fulfills and motivates you. Or possibly you are part of a small group that feeds off of each other. You are inseparable and your lives are intertwined and harmonize together.

The purpose of music can vary not only between genres but even from song to song within one album. Some may be for a larger cause while others are something to help distract from the real world.
What is the purpose of your song in life? Is it to be fun, catchy and intriguing to those around you? Maybe you are very complex carrying a plethora of instruments in life and bring to the table an opus of intricate details and philosophies. Perhaps you want to bring harmony, give chills to those around you. Your song could align closely with something else in your life—so much that it is associated with that thing when others think of you like a catchy commercial tune. Or the simplicity of your song brings a clear message, as you are an open book. Alternatively maybe you are closed off and have a hidden meaning behind what others may not understand.

The lyrics of a song often can be the heart of the song, how it feels and the story it has to tell.
Do you leave everything on the surface so people can’t see the real you and judge you for it? Or are you driven to empower those around you and ignite the flame inside others? Maybe you are there to comfort others with your words, or be the silent presence that is open for interpretation. You could also be a thinker with twists and turns from reality to the imaginary world eluding to what something may be if one chooses to look deep enough.

The resonance of a song is the catchiness and stick that lingers with you even after the song has ended.
Is your song or life something that is trendy at the moment? It is rising on the charts? Is it a legendary life and song that will never be forgotten? It could be catchy at the moment but be gone with the next passing breeze. Or maybe it is that song that everyone knows no matter how many years pass. Maybe it recalls a memory for people and invokes a particular feeling. Or conceivably it will be remembered by generations to come for the impact and inspiration it had on others.

The composition of a song often follows the pattern of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge chorus.
What is the structure and composition of your life? In your story where are you on the timeline? Are you building up to that powerful bridge? Or are you just getting started on the beginning of a new verse and chapter? Perhaps you are just bringing everything back together again and bringing this song to a close.

music is the voice of the soulThere are no right or wrong answers. Each situation in our life may beat to the drum of a different genre, particular artist, or current song. As life and music evolves it is important to understand and appreciate the versatility and impact that each day leaves us whether it be a good dance, a tear jerking emotion, or an action to set the world aflame. There is music to help us through each and every occasion in life, and there is life to be lived through music.

All music and every song is beautiful, precisely created and crafted in its own image. This is also true for each and every form of life. We all have that certain something that makes us tick—that song, melody, and aspect of life that motivates and completes us. The music of our heart and soul, as simple or complex of a symphony as it may be, is a masterpiece.

What is your song composed of?


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