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Dare Yourself

on July 19, 2013


Dare to explore the impossible
Move mountains, push past the capable

You hold the key for its true you are great
Always remember it’s never too late

Live the life you’ve always dreamed
With heart and courage its easier than seemed

Orchestrate your symphony within
Releasing experiences of where you’ve been

Following the tempo of your heart beat
Inviting loved ones in the front row seat

Let the words pour like a winding river
Show the world how you’re a giver

Awake the warrior within
Dare it to stand, dance and sing

Don’t give up, accept or settle
But battle your good with your better

Choose the fight and not the flight
Not the wrong, but the be the right

For the believers and haters
To yourself, prove you are greater

For change, challenge and all the rest
Dare yourself to try your best


2 responses to “Dare Yourself

  1. Mom says:

    You have always dared yourself & far exceeded expectations in every endeavor set before you & if it was not in front of you , you would always go after it. It great to see you take your own advice. Great Job !!!!

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